N I A L L  i s . . .

  • an award-winning professional with 19 years of experience in events marketing for the arts and commercial sectors in Scotland.

  • a creative individual with a large folio of contemporary, high impact designs.

  • a respected leader of creative and sales teams, ensuring execution of successful campaigns and record-high response rates.

  • a 'one stop shop' for event publicity: marketing strategy, graphic design, photography, social media and press.

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  • High profile theatre tours: Glasgow Girls, What Girls Are Made Of (Marketing Manager), The Dark Carnival (Design & Social Media)

  • Sold Out Festival – Take Me Somewhere 2017-2019

  • Sold Out Fringe run – Bright Colours Only 2017

  • Best Selling Show (12,000 tickets) at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 (Marketing Manager) – Glasgow Girls

  • Best Bar None Gold Award (for The Arches social media strategy), 2012

  • Best Marketing Strategy – Scottish Event Awards (for Death Disco campaign), 2009


  • Campaign Creative

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Team Leadership & Management

  • Brand Identity

  • Social Media / Digital Strategy

  • Public & Media Relations

  • Web & Print Content Development

  • Funding Applications & Reports

  • Graphic Design & Photography

  • Copy Writing & Editing


Recent clients and companies I have worked with include:


  • Raw Material (Marketing, Design & Press Consultant) 2016-present

  • Scottish Ballet (Head of Marketing cover / Brand Manager) 2018

  • Take Me Somewhere (Marketing & Media Manager) 2017-present

  • Vanishing Point (Design/Social Media) 2016-present

  • CCA (Design Consultant) 2015-present

  • 21Common (Marketing/PR/Design Consultant) 2016-present

  • National Theatre of Scotland (Design Consultant 2017)

  • Fire Exit (Design/Marketing & Press Consultant 2014-present)

  • William Chambers Millinery (Media Manager 2008-present)

  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Consultant for various companies 2014-present)

  • Poorboy (Marketing/PR/Design Consultant) 2017

  • Culture Republic (Brand Consultant) 2016-17

  • Janice Parker Projects (Digital Marketing Consultant) 2015-17

  • Pachamama Productions (Design/Marketing Consultant) 2016/2017

  • Curious Seed (Design Consultant) 2016-2017

  • Theatre Gu Leor (Marketing/PR/Design Consultant 2016-2017)

  • Glasgow Life / Glasgow Concert Halls (Design/Social Media/Marketing) 2015

  • Untitled Projects (PR & Marketing Consultant 2014)

  • Edinburgh Mela (Design Consultant 2012-2016)

  • Glasgay! (Campaign Design 2002-2011)

  • Glasgow Film Festival (Design consultant) 2015

  • The Work Room (Design/Marketing/PR Consultant) 2015

  • Stammer Productions (Design/PR/Marketing) 2015

  • Jack Webb Dance (Marketing/PR/Design Consultant) 2016

  • Claire Cunningham(PR Consultant) 2014

  • Alan Bissett (Campaign Design 2012-present)

  • Ramesh Meyyappan Productions (Design, Marketing & PR consultant 2014-2017)

  • Surge and Perch festivals (Design consultant 2014)

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From 2004-2014 I was Design & Marketing Manager at The Arches in Glasgow. The Arches (which closed down in 2015) was one of Europe’s leading cutting-edge arts venues, and had a strong commercial strand.  In my role there I was responsible for leading the marketing, communications and sales team for the venue. This involved devising and executing all marketing strategies and maintaining the organisation's brand identity.  I was also responsible for designing all print and digital publicity material for the venue: the events programme, (theatre, art, dance, live music and club nights), seasonal brochures, stationery, signage, corporate events department and Cafe Bar & Restaurant. In 2009 The Arches was one of the first arts organisations in the UK to employ a full time Digital Marketing Officer to maintain and develop its digital and social media strategy. This, along with a website redesign, resulted in monthly website visit growth from 25,000-85,000 from 2010-13 as well as gaining one of the largest and most active social media communities in Scotland -  60,000+ Facebook / 20,000+ Twitter - resulting in younger than average arts attending audiences.

Some of The Arches' most successful campaigns in my time there, resulting in sell-out events,  included: Whatever Gets You Through The Night, Bullet Catch (World Tour), Trilogy (which took over a whole venue at the Edinburgh Fringe before transferring to the Barbican), Beats, Behaviour Festival, Glasgow Music & Film Festival, Arches LIVE, Love Action, Africa Express and Death Disco.  You can see a selection of my Arches design work on the portfolio page.

During my time at The Arches I worked collaboratively with several companies and artists, including:

National Theatre of Scotland, The List, DF Concerts, Regular Music, Citizens Theatre, Queens Hall, Glasgow Cabaret Festival, Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, Tramway, Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, Colours Events, Slam Events, Death Disco, Behaviour Festival, Red Bull, Tennents, Smirnoff, Mental Health Foundation, Triptych, T In The Park, Traverse Theatre, Thickskin Theatre, Playwrights’ Studio Scotland, Buzzcut,  Tron Theatre, Untitled Projects, Cora Bissett, Robert Softley, Rob Drummond, Kieran Hurley, Nic Green, Derevo, Conflux Physical Theatre & Circus in Scotland, National Review of Live Art, Big Big World, Celtic Connections, Glasgow Film Festival, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, University of Glasgow, Shakespeare In The City, Daniel Kitson, Instal (Arika), Alien WAR and many others.